Strictly Speaking Frankie and Pixie are not Amateurs

It was a Saturday night when Pixie and Frankie turned pro and Judy Murray did a Charleston that might not have been ‘oarsome’ but it was great fun.

Read all about it by Viennese Waltzing this way :


Strictly gave good lips and gums this week.

Scott Mills has lips that would out pout Katie Price and Pixie and Trent should get a pale pink glitterball trophy for having the best gums of all the 2014 contestants.

Tango this way for my summary of last night’s show and I predict that Cant-Win-Tim […]

Strictly Goes T’Pictures

It was movie week on Strictly and there was a whole lot more corn than pop going on.

For my full round up please quickstep this way…….

Spider Feet

Being too sexy for my slippers I wear pink patent Birkenstocks around the house in the summer months and a pair of Celtic sheepskin boots in winter.

Changeover day was yesterday because it was coooold.

So I reached into the back of my wardrobe and hauled out the boots and put them on. I […]

My Strictly Blog Has Moved House

I am as excited as Greg Wallace at pudding time. The Daily Express are publishing my Strictly Blog. But please don’t desert me. Why not quickstep over here and have a read:


Cheryl Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini has a new single, and her snatch, out. Look, see:

That first photo should be captioned, “Nurse pet, Ahm propa reddy for me smear,like !”