Mighty Moth

Tis the season to be terrified. Moths are back.

Late last night I was in the bath reading when momentarily everything went dark and I thought the bulb in the ceiling light had blown. But no. A moth as big as your average chicken drumstick and with wings the size of a sheet of loo paper was circling overhead.

I abandoned the bath, and my kindle, my iphone, my moisturiser, my Revitalash (for making my eyeslashes longer, it works) – all that I hold dear at bedtime and galloped out of the room dripping wet and naked banging the door shut behind me.

This morning the moth dropped into the sink where my husband was stood shaving. He said he almost cut his throat in fright when he saw the size of it. Now he’s scared too, and all hope is lost.

4 comments to Mighty Moth

  • Glenda Willis

    Do you have a fly swotter? It looks like a tennis racket but smaller, battery operated and stuns flys, moths, wasps, husbands etc. I now have one in each room.

  • Glenda Willis

    Just realised it reads as if I have one husband in each room which is not so – just a racket racquet (both spellings correct in my dictionery).

    G xx

  • Anna May

    Hi Glenda,

    A Battery operated husband? Sounds perfect……

    Anna May x

  • Diddy

    sure it wasn’t a baby bat?