Mighty Moth

Tis the season to be terrified. Moths are back.

Late last night I was in the bath reading when momentarily everything went dark and I thought the bulb in the ceiling light had blown. But no. A moth as big as your average chicken drumstick and with wings the size of a sheet of loo […]

I didn’t go Bananas for Pajamas

Went to see ‘The Pajama Game’ at the Shaftesbury Theatre yesterday. I was so excited to go because I am a musicalaholic and the show got a lot of 5 star reviews in the national press.

My excitement vamooshed fast thanks to the flimsy story that took at least 40 minutes too long to tell. […]

Sad Sandals and Green Toenails

I had a cup of tea in John Lewis Oxford Street today and my daughter, who was my shopping escort, remarked that everyone looked like me. I glanced around for the all gorgeous hip hop happening people, but could only see grey haired, cardiganned ladies sat behind their teapots.

On my feet were a pair […]

Kiss Me ?


I went to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at the Savoy Theatre last night. I think it was good, but got so distracted by the couple in front of me swapping saliva that I’m not sure.

How is it possible to snog for one hour and forty five minutes solid? AND they were thirty-somethings, judging […]