Georgeous Gone?

It cannot be true that Georgeous Clooney is engaged.

Because the last time I turned down his proposal of marriage he promised he would always check back to see whether I’d changed my mind before asking anyone else…..


Can’t Stop LOL’ing….


I am so relieved there are actual sound problems with the BBC’s Jamaica Inn because my husband and I spent Monday night calling “Eh?”, “You what?”,”What did he just say?”,”Did you catch that?” and ‘”Turn it up higher. Higher!” across the room. By the time it was over I’d decided to by some multivitamins for […]

Heels and Curls and High Winds

If my husband and I were the future King and Queen and had flown to New Zealand with our very bonny 8 month old son I would NOT have done the following things on touch down:

Dressed as an ageing air hostess to exit the plane

Worn treacherous high heels on aircraft steps

Been the […]

A Bye Bye Brucie Bonus

So Brucie is leaving Strictly. Let’s all pretend to be sad……

OK, I’m over it already.

Now they need to do is get rid of the dead-behind-the-eyes bedsheet wearing Tess Daly and inject a bit of pizz-azz into the proceeding with one of the following combos:

Claudia the speed talking fringe and Rylan Clark

Janet […]

Daughters, Bananas and Poo Pelletts

So I was sat in the passenger seat of my daughter’s brand new car thinking how grand life is. She’s got a job, and now a car. I am liberated from being her 24 hour on call chauffeur and her account at The Bank of Mum and Dad is closed. I started to hum the […]