A Not Dead Parrot, Chandelier or Cocoa and Michael McIntyre

Here’s what’s been happening to me in the past week, at a gallop.

I spent an evening with a parrot called GinGin. He is such  a smart guy he is secured in his cage with a combination padlock to stop him letting himself in and out. GinGin is arthritic so he falls off his perch several times a night and is put back on it by his patient pj wearing owner. Parrots live on average for 95 years so they are much more of a commitment than a marriage, or a hamster. And as they reach such a ripe old age – why don’t  parrots go grey?

My husband and I are home alone for the first time  in 28 years. We can’t decide whether to swing naked from the chandelier or drink cocoa in the ear buzzing silence. Must put a chandelier on my (now very short) weekly shopping list.

I ordered a swing dress for my Spring wardrobe. It has arrived and I am available for rent as a marquee tent. BIG sartorial mistake.

Watched Michael McIntyre’s Chat Show. People tell me he is very funny but somehow he has passed me by. I couldn’t figure out why it was Mr McIntyre himself who was doing most of the laughing at his own jokes….and why there was no chat.

Discovered Golden Kiwi. They make me dribbly happy.




3 comments to A Not Dead Parrot, Chandelier or Cocoa and Michael McIntyre

  • Well that sounds like a pretty active week – in its own way! I long to be home by myself with the Good Mr T – except at night when the snoring is reverberating through the house. I’ll give him a day-pass:)

    I have a minimum of 5 years before the youngest might leave to go to uni. I think I will be older than a parrot then:)

  • Glenda Willis

    The vicar of the church at the top of the hill was bequeathed a parrot – everyone was very surprised at his vocabulary – **** this and **** that and ****** this and ****** that plus a few more expletives.

    I never seem to find any of the comedians around at the moment funny. How about you putting your hand up for the job. (I do laugh at ‘The Chase’ man though.

  • You could swing from the chandelier AND drink cocoa, while wearing your swing dress?