Percy, Annie and Emma


Last week’s finale of ‘Line of Duty’ got me so trussed up in whodunnit bafflement that there were a few moments when I was sat wondering whether I was somehow involved in the ambush?

But, incredibly, there has been an even finer example of losing the plot since last Wednesday. It comes with today’s […]

A Not Dead Parrot, Chandelier or Cocoa and Michael McIntyre

Here’s what’s been happening to me in the past week, at a gallop.

I spent an evening with a parrot called GinGin. He is such a smart guy he is secured in his cage with a combination padlock to stop him letting himself in and out. GinGin is arthritic so he falls off his perch […]

Ellen,Effigies and Peplums

So I sat up for the Oscars even though my eyelids frequently objected and tried to disobey me and close for the night – especially when the Sky coverage flipped back to the studio in London where Emilia Fox, Ben Miller and Boyd Hilton were sat like three effigies on a couch. If they had […]