Cereal Girl


So I was pouring  porridge into my saucepan this morning and I noticed the photo of the Quaker Oats bloke on the box, and it occurred to me I had seen him somewhere else this week.

He was the Grammys dressed as Madonna! And here is the evidence….



4 comments to Cereal Girl

  • I’ll never look at my porridge in the same way again…

  • Glenda Willis

    I must take a look at the quaker oats box next time I am in a supermarket. She does look well for her age though – although I suppose with a lot of botox.

  • Mike

    Good for her age, Glenda? She looks hideous! My susp[icion: overdoes it at the gym, so the lack of body fat gives her that parchment-over-skull look.

    Seriously, though; she tries too hard doesn’t she?

  • sarah davis

    scary , she has a very sinister smile