Strictly Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

I am all gay man when it comes to musicals. My proof is that I have seen Les Miserables eight times and can singalonga to evrything in the West End. So Strictly AND Musicals? Best night everever.

Panya’s Charleston was a real smilealong dance. Can’t be snitty about Chitty. But er, Craig can. An 8???????

Natalie is baffling. The better she dances the more I don’t like her. She’s always makes sure she’s got the side of her eyeball on a camera before she emotes. And I I swear my Great Aunt Nora has the same jacket that Artem was wearing. Hers is a size 24 and from a mail order catalogue.

Mark and Yvettea’s Samba was fun. Mark can tell his family all about it next Saturday from his front room sofa because surely he MUST surely be out by then. Yvetta’s hair was very hey-day Rod Stewart.

Sophie and Brendan going round and round were pretty together but is she too prim to win?

Abiash’s dance was make me want to be young again brill-i-ant. She properly walloped that Salsa  and Alijaz  showed Brendan how to razzle dazzle in a white suit. One bum note was that his girlfriend Janette, who was stood behind him when he got four 10’s ,was hoping for some woopwoop   eye contact but didn’t get it……

Ashley and Ola’s Rumba was cute – but his pecs made me weep for Ben Cohen to come back.

Susanna and Kevin’s quickstep was fun but she face danced a lot and is now looking runner-uppy to me.

No cheese and cracker high needed tonight because I was too busy having fun to chew.






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  • Glenda Willis

    OK OK OK – I will watch it this evening. xx

    I had my cheese early (extra strong cheddar from Waitrise) so as I can stay awake to watch it on catch-up.