Strictly Piles and Delia

My analysis of this week’s Strictly is that grumpmeister Len must have piles.

Poor Susanna and Kevinfromheneverevengotstarted – they were out of the Swingathon before they’d even swung. And she’s gorgeous, so why do her seeeexxxxy moves make me wish she’d put a cardigan on?

Where is the eye contact between Natalie and Artem?  I bet they’ve had some humungous ding dongs off screen. Kara Tointon must be thrilled.

Patrick’s bum is 50 ! And the rest of him. He should win just for that.

Abbeyash are like a pair of chopsticks moving in perfect time. Natalie must want to choke the pair of them.

Ashley was groovy but flatlined a few weeks ago. He was always gracious, even when he was out-pecced every show by Ben Cohen.

Tonight’s snack was a Delia stuffed pepper with a pumpkin seed cracker.  It was wild.


3 comments to Strictly Piles and Delia

  • Mike

    Susanna hangs on despite looking like the runner-up in a Somerset village gurning competition because of her daily publicity machine and contantly playing the “mum-of-three” card. Oh, and because it is such a miracle to see a newsreader flash her legs (though I think the novelty wore off about the fifteenth time they repeated “A Rippon on Morecome and Wise” clip).

    Patrick from pole position to dance-offs based on viewer votes. And apparently Natalie is a poor scorer with the viewers. A pattern?

    If it is viewer votes for the final winner, put your money on SE-B.

  • Glenda Willis

    Len has been grumpy ever since he got married – what does that tell you. Patrick is still mine and either he or Abbey will win.

    Now down to the food. I have taken to eating small round peppers stuffed with goats cheese balls (Waitrose). They are really the tops and you don’t even need a knife to cut them.

    Hoping that Mr Anna May is enjoying life better now.

    G xx

  • Anna May

    Mike, Susanna is outclassed but her 101 varieties of grin are garnering votes, it seems.

    Glenda,What would Ian Waite think about your fervour for Patrick, I wonder? And Mr Anna May doing well, thanks. LOVE those red pepper/cream cheesey thrills!

    Anna May x