Here Come the Gals

So, just the girly-whirlies are left in Strictly.  I will miss Patrick’s bum very much, in particular how it was situated so close to his kidneys and had a rhythm all of it’s own.

Big gob Brendan might blow it for Sophie if he doesn’t keep his cool with the judges. He arrives at their desk every week  all ready for a scrap. She stands by, impassive, and reminds me of a wind up doll – gorgeous but blank behind those fabulous eyes.

Susanna should be in the Guinness Book of Records for the number of ways she can arrange her face. That woman will never get a wrinkle working her facial muscles like that. Having a coffee and a chat with her must be exhausting. Loved her sozzled looking Salsa though…..

I would have put money on Abbey Clancy to be an early exit. She’s irritated me more than anyone in the competition and now I want her to win. Which proves I am a forgiving person and  not at all prone to stoopid  snap judgements during the first rounds of a televised dance competition.

Natalie was too good and too ever so ‘umble and too bad of back one week and somersaulty flippy the next to win votes. I’d love the name of her physiotherapist though because I could have done with that miracle worker when I had a bad back, couldn’t get out of bed and had to pee in a roasting tin for a week.

After that revelation I will not be discussing snacks for obvious reasons.

4 comments to Here Come the Gals

  • Mike

    Baby Girl described the gurner as doing “Mum Dancing; like Dad dancing but more embarrassing.” How did she get picked over someone who scored 6 10s? Lots of tweetage saying that if she wins it, they’ll never watch again…

  • Jan

    Natalie is the best dancer of the lot but she is sooo smug.Susanna’s gurning has my stomach churning and Abi is too petulant. I started off not really liking Sophie but she was brilliant this week, not least due to Brendan’s choreography. So, as Patrick and his bum have gone I’m cheering on Sophie and Brendan. (By the way, your previous comment about Sophie’s face and the fifty pence piece…hilarious!)

  • Anna May

    Hi Mike, re: the gurner – One man’s cringe is another man’s cute, I guess?

    Hello Jan, do you think Brendan will still try to pick a fight even if he wins?

    Anna May x

  • I did like Natalie’s Argentine tango this week, but I definitely want Sophie to win. Even though she won’t. I’ve a feeling Abby will – her footballer husband and all his friends can afford to keep voting for her 24/7!