Strictly Spooky

It was spookylicious on Strictly tonight , and my sofa snack was an eyeball dipped in snot.  Yes, I have been busy baking.

Patrick has perked up much, and I  am liking his smiley wiley work these days.

Fiona has a gripper in her knickers that is keeping  her dancing dial stuck on sickly sweet and much too Surrey. If she stays this week after that Charleston  it’ll be because people are voting for Anton.

Ben’s dance Paso’d me by because I was transfixed by his nips.

Sophie should have got praise for looking ultra groovy like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, but sadly she danced like a Woodentop.  If you are old enough to remember The Woodentops treat yourself to a Sanatogen. Sophie is on a Strictly journey  – travelling backwards.

Natalie’s visit to Lourdes  for her back problem must have paid off. Can smug be miraculously cured, too?

Mark ate all the pumpkin pie and it finally got him moving this week. He was wearing  Humpty Dumpty’s space cadet Onesie, and Yvetta wasn’t dressed at all. Bonkers.

Rachel stepped it up for her American Smooth. At no point in their dance did Pasha look like he was shifting a fridge freezer. Big woohoo to her for putting up a fight on fright night.

Ashley, in  dancing talk, is running on the spot. No better no worse but definitely more forgettable.

This week Aljaz danced the Rumba wearing my Aunty Nora’s best blouse, only she buttons it up. I am guessing that Peter Crouch is very busy on the phones voting for all the other contestants. Anything to get his wife out of Mr Drop Dead Gorgeous’s arms. Abbey says Aljaz is like her little brother. Someone call Social Services. Quick.

Why is Dave surprised when the judges tell him he is rubbish?  And what’s so scary about Danny Baker and why did  Dave come to the Halloween special  as him? Dave should soon join John Sergeant and Anne Widdecombe in the Strictly Hall of Lame.

Major panic this morning when I couldn’t find my tweezers so Kevin’s werewolf beard really made me tremble. Been there, plucked that.






6 comments to Strictly Spooky

  • Verns

    With the exception of Natalie’s Lady of the Lake (“you can’t expect to wield executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you”) VW and Patrick’s voodoo quickstep, I was distinctly underwhelmed by the show – perhaps because the Halloween theme was so overwhelming (or do I mean overpowering?). The make-up made everybody look different, so much so that Brucie got Dave and Darcy mixed up, and you got Danny Baker and Beetlejuice mixed up (although it’s an easy mistake to make, let’s face it).

  • Vera,forgive me, I am in my mixed up middle years. I have taken against Natalie because she is too good AND she beat up Tyrone in Coronation Street. Patrick is my surprise favourite after a very slow start, and I suspect Brucie doesn’t even know what show he is presenting let alone who’s in it. It’s not his bumbles I dislike but how he gets grumpy with the audience for not laughing/applauding at his feebleness. Aaaaawkward…..
    Anna May x

  • Glenda Willis

    Here here Anna May – you tell her……..G xx

  • Jan

    There is so much to love about your blog but the Pasha shifting a fridge freezer bit had me laughing out loud. I agree Natalie is smug which is a pity because she dances beautifully. And as for Patrick, I don’t want to say I told you so but…. I did like him the first week and I’m pleased he has come good.

  • Brilliant 🙂

    Patrick’s was my favourite dance this week. Shame Rachel had to go as she was heaps better, but I like the shock value of a dance-off no one was expecting.

    *shuffles off to find the Sanatogen*

  • Glenda! Obvs a fellow member of the mixed up club. Welcome!
    Jan I admit it – you are cleverer than me….
    Karen,shock horror on halloween special – very apt.

    Anna May x