Swiftly Strictly

This sum up is going to be a dash. Yes, even faster than Rachel and Pasha’s quickstep.

Sophie and Brendan’s Foxtrot was lovely. So why did it make me yawn?

Fiona and Anton’s Rumba should have been sponsored by Vileda Mops – her ass gave that  dance floor a proper sorting out.

Mark and Yvetta’s Cha Cha Cha was like MC Hammer aboard The  Starship Enterprise. Yellow alert!

Ola and Ashley’s Viennese Waltz routine was…..routine.

Julien and Janette looked like they’d played dressing up in the Christmas decorations box. I think this week it must be time for the sad end of Team Julienette.

Shergar couldn’t have kept up with Pasha’s quickstep and Rachel had to balance a frisbee on her head. Baffled.com.

Ben twirled Kristina around like a baton in their Salsa. Muscles set to music. Very nice. Nicer if it was me up there.

Deborah was sabotaged! Someone put concrete in the soles of her flat shoes for her and Robin’s Bacofoil jive. Deborah was only a woolly hat and a shopping basket on wheels short of the nutty old bird who lives on the bench outside my local Tesco and cackles a lot.

Natalie has been to stage school and had at least five years of dance training, so what does losing two days this week with a bad back really matter?

AliAb remind me of a pair of ice pops when they dance.

Dave’s posture was halfway to sitting on the loo throughout his waltz.

Patrick livened up. Good bum work in his Cha Cha Cha.

Kevinfromthetempleofdoom this week  gave Susanna  some Samba moves that made her look like dog drying itself off after getting wet. And that hair thing she did made me check for nits when the show was over.


Bruno nicked the  entire show by falling of his chair. Vote for him.




6 comments to Swiftly Strictly

  • Mike

    Some awful dancing this week, and some dreadful costume designs. Sad to see so people sacrifice their dignity for a bit of TV exposure – but that’s enough about the celebs in the audience. And what were those faces Susanna was pulling? If they were intended to be (*ahem*) “sexy”, then they were the kind of sexy that comes from a woman whose next dinner recipe is pet-bunny stew. Run a mile, fellers!

  • Julie

    How I laughed at Bruno falling off his chair. He does make me smile. Poor Julian – he was the happiest loser there ever was. The whole programme needs a revamp and to be shorter too as it’s telling when the most enjoyable part for me is someone falling off a chair!

  • Glenda Willis

    Yes Julie, I also think it is far too long. Cut out all the ‘extras’ dancing the group dances and the just keep it Strictly Come Dancing. Mind you, if they did that when would be pop to the kitchen for a snack break.

    Keep up the good blogging Anna May – I look forward all year to your Strictly blogs. xx

  • Jan

    Much as I love Strictly I have to record it and cut out all the boring bits in between the dancing. Natalie is by far and away the best dancer even with her bad back and I do like Patrick and his sticky-out backside. But for sheer enthusiasm and entertainment value I choose Mark.

  • Great summing up, as always 🙂
    Natalie has danced like a professional since day one, so I don’t really take any notice of her. Mark’s my favourite at the moment.

  • Mike, Susanna looked like she needed an exorcist!

    Julie and he did it with rhythm, a true dancer.

    Glenda, I vote for the show to be twice as long.

    Jan,perversely Natalie is so good she doesn’t really count any more.

    Karen, but Mark only dances from the neck up!

    Anna May x