Strictly Furniture Village

It was Strictly Furniture Village tonight, and most of the cupples took a week five dive.

Bad back Natalie is a dancing advertisement for Ibuprofen, or miraculous cures….

I want a pretty back like Abbey Clancy’s.

Deborah and Robin fannied about too long with a table before getting started on  their  Viennese Waltz.

Dave danced like he’d got trollied before going live on his fruit trolley. Can he actually hear the music from the WunnerfulWunnerful Dave Arch and his band or does that hair block his ears?

Patrick perked up tonight. He should have been a contender  earlier, but now at last he’s arrived.

More table and chair ‘artistry’ from Fiona and Anton. I’m getting very bored waiting for Fiona to let rip.

Rachel appeared to be sporting a red merkin, and should have stayed in her cage. Then I wouldn’t have had to cringe for 2 minutes into my caerphilly and crackers snack.

If Michael Ball ate nothing but pizza and drank only lager for three months he’d look just like Mark Benton , who last night only waltzed from the neck up. How is he getting away with it?

Ashley gave good quiff in a jolly jive.

Susannah and Kevinfromweallknowwherebynow  looked like they stepped out of a tin of Quality Street but did a good, and mercifully furniture free, American Smooth.

Stalling on the sofa took up a good chunk of Ben and Kristina’s  short on pizzazz quickstep.

Sophie  dances like she needs more sleep.



5 comments to Strictly Furniture Village

  • And I missed it all! Thank goodness I can come and see what you thought before I watch the results – we are so far down the bandwidth thingy here I can’t watch the iPlayer. Still, I had a delicious meal out with no sofa snack requirements.

  • Mike

    Wow, Anna! Your first spambot comment! They are a bit like psychic “blind readings”; how could you possibly disagree with anyone (even a robot) who says “you still care for to make it wise”?

    Mind you, doesn’t it look like a poem?

    And this is, actually, a wonderful site – and that comes from a human (*squerk*) a human (*bzzzt*) a human (*squonk*) a human…

  • Verns

    It was a funny old week in Strictly land, or were they just dancing in the aisles in Ikea? So much furniture, so little actual, you know, dancing.

    Rachel looks like she’s mainlining on whatever drugs are keeping Natalie in one piece – perfect practice for being a zombie in next week’s Halloween special.

    So sorry to hear you’ve been found by a spambot – I guess you need one of those additional security things where we have to squint at the screen and try to correctly identify a squiggle as a proper word – rather like Bruce trying to pronounce Aljaz Skorjanec.

  • Rachel was so awful I was watching her through my fingers, and I think Dave’s cuteness might be wearing thin. Only with me, obviously. The public clearly love him!

  • Google , you broke my spam filter 🙁

    Hausfrau you are a fairweather Strictly fan. How COULD you make other plans for a Saturday night?

    Mike, I am a vegetarian and don’t accept spam. Not a clue how he got over the wall…..

    Verns,Rachel’s dancing makes me pull a face like I’ve sucked a lemon. And Bruce should call Aljaz honeybun – I suspect Abbey does…..

    Karen, I agree. Dave is starting to be Dave’s biggest fan.

    Anna May x