Posh Heels

For the first time in yonks, because I had a very  important occasion today, I climbed into high heels.

After 7 hours of wobble I have just levered them off and my trotters are angry. The balls of my feet feel like they have been sandpapered by the world’s strongest man.

By way of an apology I have placed them on a pouffe but they are still  sulking, pulsing and hissing.

Victoria Beckham should get a Valour Award for her services to high heels. No wonder she never smiles.






4 comments to Posh Heels

  • Glenda Willis

    Now don’t do anything silly as you have to remain strong for Mr Anna May as he may have to lean on you one day. Anyway, it is me who needs heels being a good few inches shorter than most people.

    I do hope the important occasion went well and that it was worth the agony. Mind you, if you wrote this blog this morning after 7 hours of wobble what time did you get up? xx

  • sarah davis

    Anna May
    Victoria Beckham has a sliver of glass from her glass slipper embedded into her feet , so she can never smile or break the spell! seriously my high heels are resting on a pouffe to admire i could never walk in them!
    Sarah x

  • If I see a woman pulling an oddly strained face, I think, ‘She’s either wearing high heels or she’s doing her pelvic floor exercises.’

  • Glenda, I came home late and never went to bed – radical.

    Sarah, pouffe people of the world unite!

    Fran, I used to have a pelvic floor.

    Anna May x