Naked Dancing and Double Chocolate Muffins

My supermarket has a letter box and  out shopping today I visited that first with a VERY important letter – my ballot form for Wimbledon 2014 tickets. I had sprinkled the envelope with holy water and done my lucky naked dance around it and fired it with enthusiasm into the slot. And somehow posted my shopping list along with it.

On the way out I saw the postman emptying the box and asked him for my list back.

Compare and contrast. This is what was on it : pink grapefruit, toothpaste, soda bread, cottage cheese, capers, watercress and olives.

This is what was in my bag : 2 double chocolate muffins, a copy of Hello! a bottle of Rioja and a royal jelly bath soak.

I will be posting my list next week, too.



1 comment to Naked Dancing and Double Chocolate Muffins

  • sarah davis

    that’s my sort of shopping i usually ditch the shopping list!
    Sarah x