Loving Strictly

Aljaz is made of burning rubber which is bad news for Abbey because I was so busy being awestruck by him that I didn’t notice if she danced at all. But I did notice that she thought she should have got a much higher score.

Patrick’s bum sticks out so far when he is dancing that the bloke is halfway to a twerk, Shame he didn’t go all the way as it  would have been a lot more exciting than tonight’s dreary Foxtrot.

Dave the Hairy Biker fannied about a while with Vanessa’s skirt and then copied my morning face to get a standing ovation for his People’s Paso.

I really like Fiona Fullerton but she needs to be less Home Counties and more hootin’ and hollerin’ next week. She should chuck the girdle and get in touch with her g spot(g for grooving, of course)

Rachel Driley is so cute but it doesn’t add up that she always disappoints when she dances. She is all smiles and no sizzle. Like a big puffy chocolate eclair that turns out not to have a real cream in the middle.

Mark Benton; lovely kids, great kitchen, tasteful Edwardian press. But smiling isn’t dancing.

Ben, the Incredible Bulk, got Kristina undressed for bed to music in their Rumba.  What’s not to like???

Sophie is married to Declan Donnelly’s twin! Her and Brendan did a sleeeepy Samba.

Vote for Julien. I did. He has a divine  high fiving dog. And I know he likes to keep it to himself but Julien is working very hard……

Suzannah and Kevinfromyoumustknowwherebynow got me right in the tear ducts.They are not the youngest, fittest or flashiest of all the couples but they are so gentle and gorgeous together. Am I going soft?

Vanessa’s hair. Think My Little Pony’s Grandma. She  stamped and grumped her way through the tango. And if that wasn’t bad enough she then tried to judge herself afterwards. Her dress by the way, in Quality Street purple, was from the 2010 Ann Widdecombe collection

Ashley’s face looks a bit like he’s doing an exam when he is dancing. But he got his  celeb chebs out. Worked for me.

Natalie’s onesie didn’t fool me one bit. That girl is a stranger to pizza, pj’s and the sofa – she is a steely 24/7 rehearsing  glitterball grabber.

It’s a well kept Strictly secret – Debor0h,oh,oh I love dancing so much  Meaden is loving it.









7 comments to Loving Strictly

  • Glenda Willis

    I’ve been waiting eagerly for your review this week – it never fails to delight me. I’m so glad to have ‘catchup TV’ as I always print off your review and re-watch the programme.

    I really hope that someone from the programme has access to yout blog and gets Vanessa to get a haircut. It really does nothing for ladies of her age to have long hair. GET IT CUT Vanessa – it will take years off your age.


  • Absolutely spot on comments this week, though you still won’t make me vote for Julian. I suspect only the die hard fans who watch every squeak of Takes Two have even heard of him, and that not all of them can love his style.
    Not that we cared whether it was he or Vanessa who left: we figured neither would hang on for long.

  • Julie

    I have never, ever voted (other then in General Elections) but I am very close to voting for Julian! His unbridled happiness makes me smile. Can he dance? no but I don’t really care! Bruce needs to retire and Tess & Claudia need makeovers (by Julian of course).

  • Verns

    I was mildly disappointed that Julien was not kicked (preferably very hard on his derriere) out this week; I still find him an insufferable little twerp whose parody of camp gives gaydom a bad name. But I was mollified when Vanessa’s ego got the boot instead.

    I love Natalie, but I doubt she will win – the Great British Public normally prefers a contestant who has had more of a journey. Never mind, the judges won’t let her go, so she’ll make the final at least. I’m loving KevinfromsomewherenorthofWatford, whose impression of Artem on It Takes Two yesterday was a wonder. 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWjixxNokBM&feature=youtu.be

  • Joanne

    I am playing catch-up as I have two (or is it three shows to watch). Julie, you’re joking aren’t you when you say ‘Bruce needs to retire?’ Shock, horror! He’s the best thing about the whole show!! Don’t you remember his reaction to the Mark Ramrakash/Karen Hardy mic fiasco all those years ago? Brucie is entertainment personified. I’m his number one fan…he’s my favourite! ????

  • Glend,Vanessa’s hair is so wrong. I know this because my ultra frizzy grey square cut is so perfect.
    Hausfrau, sadly I agree that Julien is dooooomed. Dooooomed I tell you.
    Julie,poor lollipop head Tess, it is hard work being a carer.
    Verns, Kevinisasuperstar!
    Joanne, I guess you and Brucie being the same age it’s understandable…….

    Anna May x

  • Joanne

    I just read this, Anna May. Cheeky but it made me laugh 😉