In an amazed tone of voice Mr Anna May said yesterday, “So you can stand up, then?”

He is referring to my Wimbledon fortnight position – when I am pretty much stuck to the sofa .So much so that he refers to the championships as  ‘Wimble-bum’ because I spend so much of my time sat on it when play is in progress.

Big drama yesterday when the top players were doing roly-polys all over the court. And Roger Federer, who lost, carried on like he needed the prize money to pay his electricity bill. A happy, or even stoic, losing face is not in his repertoire.

And I might get me some of the neon coloured knicker-shorts that the female players are wearing. They might make me lissom and lovely too, and even if they don’t they’ll light my way to the loo at night.





8 comments to Wimble-Bum

  • Having gone part-time as a teacher this year, I am SO enjoying having a bit more time to see the tennis. It’s been years since I’ve done anything except watch the last couple of matches on the final weekend if I’ve been lucky. Part-time is a good place to be during Wimblebum fortnight.

  • I don’t usually watch it any more but was lured to watch that Federer match with the promised of beer and curry. I’m calling it WimbleNaan.

  • Glenda Willis

    I would say ‘womble-off’. I hate tennis and it is on two channels on the tv at the same time. I now watch my microwave instead.

  • Julie

    Can’t believe you’re not a fan Glenda! I am off on Tuesday to SW15 and very excited – dreamt other night I was actually playing on Centre Court but can’t remember my opponent or if I won. I will assume it was Venus Williams and the score was 6-0, 6-1 as it would have been rude not to let her win a game.

  • Glenda Willis

    Sorry to have let you down Julie. I must be the only person in the word who is not interested in tennis. Never mind, I have lots of other things that I am interested in.

    G xx

  • Anna May

    Congratulations on your new lady of leisure some of the time status, Fran

    Hello and welcome Clare. Wimble-Naan…very good! There’s lots of Wimble-fun to be had with this……

    Glenda, you are forgiven for not loving tennis.

    Julie, The tennis is SW19 so where are you off to?

    Anna May x

  • Red

    Hi! Just saw you today for the very first time on ITV-actually the youtube cut of the Holly name calling saga. Well done for standing up to that woman`s utter nonsense! You were a rock of sense and sincerity.

    Yes, I share your Wimbledon interest too. Just can`t seem to get back into it like I used to so very long ago.

    Great blog” Keep it up!


  • Pauline

    Anna May, I haven’t visited your blog in AGES (mea culpa), so have a lot of catching up to do. But I had to visit (quickly, before the tennis starts) to add my congratulations to the wonderful way you handled Katie Snortworthy Hopkins on This Morning. It makes me very thankful indeed that we chickened out of calling our daughter India and settled for a sensible name instead.