Stone Me

For the last seven days I have eaten Rice Krispies with water for my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am on a keep my gallstones happy diet and it seems they love a lot of snap, crackle and pop.

The reason I’ve been blog-quiet is that I have been biting on a leather strap and […]

Dead Funny

Here is a joke that may or may not be a comment on the bonanza funeral planned for the late Mrs Thatcher……

I was in a cemetery last week and I watched the pallbearers walking round and round with a coffin on their shoulders and I thought to myself, ‘They’ve lost the plot’.

Hanging Loose

This evening, in a falsetto shout, I threatened to set fire to our back room curtains. This is because I hate the way they slide off the rail at the end every time I draw them open or shut.

Mr Anna May is the chief curtain track fixer and hanger in our house and he […]