Oh I Do Like to Freeze Beside the Seaside

Wooohooo school’s almost out and Mr Anna May and I are off on an Easter jolly to the Irish seaside. Mindful of the sub zero Springtime weather I have packed ski type puffa wear, chapped lip and nose cream and hotties (mini hottie wattie botties) to put in my pockets to keep my hands alive […]

Passion Cake Paul

As the programme is currently off air it is probably safe to talk about him now…..

I’d never heard of the BBC’s Great British Bake Off until a neighbour recommended I give it a try.

This neighbour doesn’t look like a fan of anything other than cold showers and nail beds. She wears a tartan […]

A Scrabbled Memory

I have been playing with myself on ‘Words with Friends’ for over a week and only realised it when I sent myself a message to say well played and signed it Anna May.

I was proper baffled when I opened it and read my own congratulations to myself for getting a 56 point word – […]

Success Dress

TWO of my daughters graduate as Doctors this year and I am sooooo proud that to mark the magnitude of the occasion and their six tough years of study I feel I should dress for their success. A ballgown in a psychedelic colour with a train and a sash with a matching placard about how […]

Not a Good Wife Life

I am looooovvving the latest series of The Good Wife’. Julianna Marguiles who plays corporate lawyer Alicia Florrick gives such great suit. Her offices are supersmartchicwhizzy.com

It makes me realise just what I am missing by working here at home. My sofa is my office chair and a chintzy cushion that I use to rest […]