This  week my husband got a reminder from the DVLA to renew his driving licence photo so he poodled off and got some done in the booth at Asda. When he brought them home I noticed that he is wearing exactly the same shirt as in the previous photo……. that one was taken twelve years ago.

Anyone got a number for Gok Wan? It’s an emergency.

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  • Funnily enough my husband’s just renewed his, and APPEARED to be wearing the same shirt, but it’s just that he always wears black and has done for years. The biggest difference was he had a beard then and hasn’t now.

    I’m sure you’ll sleep better for knowing that …

  • Glenda Willis

    I still wear a blouse which I wore to the hopital when one of my great nephew’s was born 15 years ago. Mind you, I had put it away for12 of those years as it didn’t fit me.

  • Karen, are you Mrs Milk Tray Man?

    Glenda, the shirt was too big, yes?

    Anna May x

  • julie

    Anna if you get Gok’s number please include my hubby!!

  • Glenda Willis

    Yes Anna, the shirt has been too big, too small, bleach stained, underarm holes stitched etc, etc, etc. In fact, I will wear it when to come to collect your chicks.

  • Anna May

    Julie, yes I suspect our men are fashion twins!

    Glenda, sounds like a sleeper shirt (for wearing in bed)after all it’s been through….

    Anna May x

  • julie

    you are not wrong Anna!!!

  • Mike

    I have, and still wear, an item of clothing which I wore on my first public date with the woman who is now my GLW – and that will be thirty years ago come this August. My Churches shoes are over twentyfive years old, my Doc Martens date back to 1990. Mind you, my baby girl still wears the pair of cherry-red Docs I bought her when she was 9, and she is now 26 – so maybe it is genetic.

  • So funny and, sadly, so true of my husband too. He just does not like buying clothes and I have given up…