School Maze

Nick Clegg has spoken about private education being socially divisive,  but says he hasn’t ruled out sending his own son to an independent school.

It sickens me that  when it comes to schooling some politicians spit in the eyes of parents all over the UK . The worried ones who don’t have the luxury of solving their worries about education standards with a cheque book. Labour MP Diane Abbott is another airship sized hypocrite who sent her son to an independent school while telling everyone else that they shouldn’t.

But – I have got my brain into a french plait over this issue. At Christmas I went to a carol service at the brilliant comprehensive school in London that two of mine attended. It’s a school that takes boys and girls from bog standard homes and works miracles with them.  Amongst the pupils I saw there that night  was the son of a multi millionaire ex politician.

Strangely, I  didn’t think good on the said politician for sticking to his socialist principles. Instead I felt sad for the nameless kid from the local council estate, the one whose parent(s) surely yearned for that precious place, but didn’t get it.




5 comments to School Maze

  • Schools, school, schools:( Education is a real sore point for me. Funnily enough I went to a fairly rough comprehensive and always thought I would want the same for my kids – it’s tough and challenging. I’ve changed my opinion in recent years – if I had the money I would definitely send my boys to private school now. Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen there can only be a few bastions of truly excellent state education left. It depresses me.

  • Anna May

    It’s such an important issue Jane because the kids whizz through their school years and never get them back……
    Anna May x

  • sarah davis

    maybe the ex-politician has spend all his money?
    My daughter went to a mixed school in Lewisham – it was never top of any league tables -but there were some remarkable kids there and some very challenging kids – but she loved it school is important – it is what defines us as adults
    Sarah x

  • Glenda Willis

    I went to the very first co-ed comprehensive school in 1956. Over 1,000 children. DISASTER!!!

  • Anna May

    Sarah, he’s an ex Prime Minister with a 12 million property portfolio and a high earning high profile wife. I am glad your daughter had a good experience.

    Glenda, you strike me as very cultured so that comp must have done something right.

    Anna May x