Not Making It Up

My sister wanted to book a make up lesson as a birthday gift for a friend.  A cosmetics maestro who works from Fenwicks in Bond Street was recommended, so  yesterday she called to book an appointment with him. And was offered a session in April 2022.

Yes. This guy has a waiting list that is NINE years long.

Good job he’s got a reputation for being able to turn back time.

5 comments to Not Making It Up

  • Glenda Willis

    Do you think she had dialled the wrong number and someone was having a laugh!!

    I must try and book an appointment for my 88th birthday.

  • Julie

    I guess the list must get shorter as people on it emigrate or die!

  • Anna May

    Glenda, but at 88 would you remember to go?

    Julie, you almost sound hopeful that people might pop their clogs and free up some slots!

    Anna May x

  • Joanne

    My God-daughter is nine. What a great gift for her 18th birthday! Thanks for the tip.

  • Joanne, book quickly or it’ll be for her 21st.
    Anna May x