Lady Sideburns

The sides of my face are getting fluffy hairy, so fluffy that in this cold weather I think I can feel my lady sideburns ruffling in the wind.

I’ve decided not to fret about this development and to put it down to being a female mammal age related thing. And it is  in part balanced out by Mother Nature because my eyes are deteriorating which means I can’t properly see the full extent of the problem.

I was tugging at it the other evening and lamented to my daughter within earshot of my husband (who never normally listens to a thing that I say) “Look at this! I think I am turning into some animal…”

We have not spoken since he made the mistake of joining in the chat and suggested “A baboon?”

8 comments to Lady Sideburns

  • Jan

    I know what you mean Anna May. I am currently sporting hair in unusual places (nostrils, cheeks,etc) but am hoping to moult in the summer.

  • I could hardly read this and then I realised I hadn’t plucked my eyebrows for a while! That was a relief!

  • You could always develop a career in cycling – I understand sideburns are a prerequisite.

  • Glenda Willis

    I’ve got light hair but all the fluffy bits come out dark brown – shame my hair roots come out grey.


  • Anna May

    Jan, do you need worming?

    Fran, I need turbo powered tweezers for my eyebrows. Think Denis Healy.

    Anny, if only I weighed the same as Bradley. Sigh.

    Glenda, there is no justice when it comes to unwanted hair.

    Anna May x

  • Julie

    I’m sure he said “baboon” as they ( and hence you) are highly intelligent, creative, empathetic and very humorous and he wasn’t even thinking about your hair.

  • My daughter kindly pointed out that I needed to tidy up my lady-beard the other evening, which was thoughtful of her. I pointed out she’ll have one herself one day, but she said she’d ‘have more pride.’

  • Anna May

    Julie, who are you kidding?

    Karen maybe she meant pride as in lions/manes? Or is that worse?

    Anna May x