Dishes and Dulls

Luvvie Land (the BAFTAs) was on BBC1 last night. Two hours of Dullsville. And that’s coming from me, a woman who could watch a roomful of movie stars sleeping and still be thrilled silly.

There wasn’t an award for comedy but if there had been it would have gone to Paloma Faith. She came to perform dressed  as a Christmas tree ornament backed by a bunch of drama school students who gave new meaning to the term step dancing when they took a couple of minutes to ponce down a staircase.

Host Stephen Fry looked like he was wincing inside at some of the things he had to read on the autocue. Billy Connolly’s Jimmy Saville inspired hair and Kevin Spacey’s ginger wig were abominations and too cool for an itty bitty BAFTA Quentin Tarantino did a walk of shame in a slept-in shirt and suit that were surely  from the night before.

Sally Field said her co-presenter Eddie ‘Redmond’ got a last minute tummy bug and was backstage throwing up. Her getting his name wrong in a room full of potential employers and an international audience must have made Eddie Redmayne  projectile vomit.

When did Ben Affleck get so dishy? The last time I noticed him Jennifer Lopez was dumping him for running up gambling debts. He can come to Bingo with me any time. Although the eternally gorgeous George Clooney would always get first dibs.

Ann Hathaway gave a fight for breath thank you speech that was inspired by Kate Winslet’s and Gwyneth Paltrow’s previous been there done that pant-athons.

And another BAFTA unrelated screen thought – doesn’t Jonathan Ross look like Jim Royle (Ricky Tomlinson) these days? He even does the ‘heh heh heh ‘laugh.








3 comments to Dishes and Dulls

  • sarah davis

    Hi Anna May
    It gets duller and duller each year i gave up and went to a pub quiz in the freezing arctic sleet! The pub was empty so for a change our team won!
    we have oscars to look forward to next – bigger hair, bigger frocks and even longer speeches ( note to Anne H and and tears are conpulsary)
    Sarah x

  • Joanne

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who was so irritated by those nervy, breathless speeches. I thought Anne Hathaway was going to be carted off by the paramedics at one point. At the Oscars, if one more luvvie gets up with a pre-prepared speech in hand, having already won a Bafta and a clutch of other awards and says that they didn’t expect to win I will…scream!! Having said all that, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

  • Anna May

    Sarah, the Oscars is my biggest night in of the year. Can’t wait for the luvviefest to begin.

    Joanne, I love it when they shake and cry as well as pant. That’s entertainment.

    Anna May x