Cloche Hats and Curries

Is anyone out there old enough to remember the quizzes that used to feature in women’s magazines in the 70’s and 80’s, the ones where you had to match the picture of a model in an outfit to the events she was attending from Monday to Sunday?

The model was a right busy bee, she’d be off to the races, a school parent’s evening, a job interview and shopping (including lunch) in town or to enjoy a cream tea with the vicar. Each outfit had to be matched to the occasion,  right down to her gloves, bag, shoes and hair comb.

They were my guilty pleasure and even though I’d never had tea with the vicar or worn gloves if it wasn’t cold  I still  knew when pillboxes or cloches, slingbacks or peep-toes were the right choice. You marked the quiz yourself, so I always gave myself top scores.

I mentioned these quizzes to my husband on Friday evening when we were out having a curry explaining the principle of matching your outfit to the occasion. His eyes glazed over and he pretended to fall asleep with boredom, using his peshwari nan bread as a pillow. The man was wearing the shirt he had worn to work that day( minus the tie) tucked into a pair of cargo shorts, an Aran cardigan and a pair of running shoes and different coloured socks.

If I had to match his outfit to the occasion he should have been at a single people with a split personality disorder and who get dressed in the dark convention.


3 comments to Cloche Hats and Curries

  • Glenda Willis

    Ohhh Anna May, I always love the way he looks – you must need your lens changed or your fringe cut.


  • sarah davis

    Hi Anna May
    i remember them very well! they were no 70’s and 1980’s i loved them, but then i loved Bunty magazine – i particulary looked forward to the paper Bunty doll on the back page and always cut out the paper outfits. I recently brought an expensive womans craft magazine as it had a paper doll in it and designer outfits to press out including a hair wig! my daughter thought i was very sad x

  • Anna May

    Glenda, don’t you think Kevin Spacey has a doughball face?

    Sarah, a wig! How thrilling! I am proper jealous.

    Anna May x