Shelly Funny

Actress Katie Holmes is a huge fan of Jus d’escargot. It’s  the latest ‘magic’ ingredient to make your complexion bright and beautiful.

We’re talking snail slime here Laydeees.


5 comments to Shelly Funny

  • Glenda Willis

    The only thing I do with snails is feed them with salt casserole.

  • Sarah davis

    A cold should produce slime but without a big price tag

  • I never thought I’d say this…but my sympathies are moving towards Tiny Tom. No snail, dead or alive, or just “juiced” is getting near my face.

  • Glenda, does that mean you EAT them?

    Sarah, snot might be the next big beauty boost!

    Jane, but don’t you wanna turn back time ? (that was my best Cher impersonation)

    Anna May x

  • I like Cher. I suppose she’s done quite well at turning back time:) I’m not sure about some of the other celebs though who like the walking dead. I quite like the idea of looking younger but the truth is, Anna, I am fundamentally too lazy to put the effort in. I’ve been thinking about dyeing my hair for five years and still not got round to it That probably says it all!