Cucumber Watch

Happy 2013! I wish you good health and good times in the year ahead.

The Institute of Mechanical Engineers has provoked our first marital spat of the New Year. Generally we a very peaceable couple, mostly because Mr Anna May ignores me and spends a lot of time in his shed wearing his Ugg hat and playing a jumbo  tin whistle he made from some steel piping he found in a skip…..

The Institute brought out a report this week that was published in the newspapers. It said UK families waste half the food they buy each week and over a lifetime this costs them, on average, £24,000. Cue mild mannered Mr Anna May morphing into Basil Fawlty. He has commented frequently over the years that I should take our wheelie bin to Tesco and put the shopping straight into it because I am apparently such a wastrel. And now it’s official – he is right and has been all along, even when I was telling him to bog off about food waste.

Seeing his theories  in print has empowered him. The man has been checking the salad and veg drawers in the fridge (virgin territory for him) several times a day and each night he investigates the wheelie bin by torchlight. His is an all weather crusade. I know this because he even got his Christmas gift moccasins wet doing it. When I ask him what he is looking for he says “£24,00o!”

Last night  I went out with friends to drink wine, gossip and giggle. When I returned home my husband was sat at the kitchen table with something very long in his hands and he thrust it at me as soon as entered the room. “What’s this then?” he demanded.

“Too easy. Make it harder” I replied feeling very witty and Miranda-esque.

“It’s gone all soft!” he told me and wasn’t even close to laughing.

I was being accused of cucumber mismanagement – at 1am. I advised Mr Anna May where he could put the cucumber and huffed off to bed.



5 comments to Cucumber Watch

  • Very funny! Mr Fran does just the same, only his crusade is recycling tiny bits of paper, intercepting anyone heading to the bin with a screwed up bus ticket expertly and taking it from their hands.

  • Glenda Willis

    I would have put it there – not just warned him.

    Good to have you back online at last to keep up our spirits for 2013. Have a great one. xx

  • Glenda Willis

    Being a bit bored and not wishing to do any housework I thought I would back track to your very first blog. After reading it I went on the next one, and the next ad infinitum. I will have to make a cuppa soon but promise to go through them all and let you know my number one choice.

  • sarah davis

    everyone has a soft uneaten cucumber to throw away after christmas and the new year, you buy salad but somehow reach for the chocolates
    Sarah x

  • Fran, keeps them out of trouble I suppose…….

    Glenda, you must be glassy eyed after reading all those blogs – great work !

    Sarah, funny how the chocolates never seem to get thrown away. Why is that?

    Anna x