Who are You Wearing?

If someone thrust a microphone into my face this morning, Golden Globes red carpet style, and asked me “Who are you wearing?” I would have to answer “Asda and E-bay.”

Lucy Lui came as her garden which was very original. Eva Longoria and Halle Berry were working the Jake the Peg look in an Angelina tribute. I haven’t seen knees turned out at such an angle since watching  ‘One Born Every Minute’ last week. They could have accessorised with some sequinned stirrups.

And if Jessica Chastain ever decides on a change of career she could always work for Dulux in the department that gives loony names to paint colours. Ryan Seacrest asked Ms Chastain to tell the world what colour her blue dress was and she panted “Sea Foam” into the mike.

….and Downton’s Lady Mary blew all the rubberised ‘beauties’ away with her white and gold column dress, bobbed hair and excited smile.

It’s all such happy bonkers stuff and the best bit is that the Oscars are still to come.

7 comments to Who are You Wearing?

  • Glenda Willis

    I am a TKMaxx girl above knees and Wide Fit Shoe Shop for my feet. As for my trousers -well there the problem lies. Ask me one day when you have ten hours to spare.

  • ‘Who are you wearing?’ You know you’ve gone up in the world when people say ‘who’ and not ‘what’!

  • Joanne

    Hi Anna May! First time poster but long-time sneaky reader – great blog! it gives me so many laugh out loud moments.

    I watched the Globes in sheer amazement. I could barely identify some of the female stars as they seemed to blend into the background. Did you get the feeling that white was the ‘in’ colour? And what did you think of THE speech by Jodie Foster? I didn’t understand a word of it.

  • Glenda, you always look lovely whoever you are wearing.

    Fran, up in the world or up yourself? In celeb world it’s probably both.

    Joanne, Welcome Aboard! I LOVE the GG’s because you get to see the slebs eating and drinking and sat around tables so much more revealing than the Oscars. And was Jodie Foster moaning about being rich and famous? AlthougbI did weep when she talked her Mum.

    Anna May x

  • Glenda Willis

    Welcome to Anna May’s blog. May you spend as many happy reading it as I do.

    You will be such an addict by the time Strictly Come Dancing is back on you will wonder what you have being doing all of your life.

    If you get time to read some of Anna May’s old post do read them – no excuse as with all this snow around you will have to stay at home. Boy has she come on since her first blog in 2008.

  • Glenda Willis

    That last message was for Joanne – sorry I forgot to mention it. G xx

  • Joanne

    Hi Glenda, thanks for the lovely welcome. You have just given me the perfect excuse to leave work early – or not go in at all!

    Anna May, you are right, the mum bit was a lump in the throat moment x