Shelly Funny

Actress Katie Holmes is a huge fan of Jus d’escargot. It’s the latest ‘magic’ ingredient to make your complexion bright and beautiful.

We’re talking snail slime here Laydeees.


I Screamed A Scream

I am just home after watching the film ‘Les Miserables’ and I had to abandon my car at the cinema car park because I cried so much and for so long that my lenses went all cloudy and it wasn’t safe for me to drive home. I heard one half of the couple who sat […]

Who are You Wearing?

If someone thrust a microphone into my face this morning, Golden Globes red carpet style, and asked me “Who are you wearing?” I would have to answer “Asda and E-bay.”

Lucy Lui came as her garden which was very original. Eva Longoria and Halle Berry were working the Jake the Peg look in an Angelina […]

Cucumber Watch

Happy 2013! I wish you good health and good times in the year ahead.

The Institute of Mechanical Engineers has provoked our first marital spat of the New Year. Generally we a very peaceable couple, mostly because Mr Anna May ignores me and spends a lot of time in his shed wearing his Ugg hat […]