War of Words

My iphone has given me a great Christmas gift in the form of ‘Words with Friends’ , This scrabble game bops back and forth between me and another player. I play with family and friends but my daughter ipinged me up with a playmate randomly selected from cyberspace – this insomniac cheat  amazingly good player with a world class vocabularly  is clobbering me several times a day and night.

My scrabble champion stranger stalker plays when I am sleeping, s/he plays when I’m awake. S/he averages 34 points per word and is wrecking my joie de vivre by making me a regular and sore loser. I want to message this person and say that I don’t want to play any more but I am worried s/he will tell her Mum.

ps: s/he came up with ‘auvite’ and ‘isantin’ in three minutes yesterday – I’m scared.


9 comments to War of Words

  • Julie

    Come on! you need a Scrabble dictionary to quiet literally play her at her own game. You need to keep to the phone close at night so it wakes you so can play immediately and not be i-ntimidated or i-rritated! rise to the challenge and don’tforget play to the triple word scores and that JO, TI and XI are all words! good luck and let us know when you win.

  • And QI and QIS – both have saved me many, many times.

  • Glenda Willis

    I have the scrabble word book but I am not allowed to use it!!

    Off to see The Nutcracker now – oh I am so excited.


  • I might try and work ‘auvite’ into conversation this evening and see if anyone knows what it means. (Obviously I had to look it up.)

  • Glenda Willis

    Is it vegetarian marmite?

    Oh by the way, The Nutcracker was absolutely fantastic. A full house again this evening. Harrow Vue is really excelling themselves with these ROH and NT productions. Roll on The magistrate on 17 January and People on 21 March.

  • Anna May

    Mike and Julie, OK, OK I will MAN (5 points) up and got get him’her…….gulp.

    Ginny you are a social butterfly!

    Karen, I don’t know what Auvite means other than I am a loser.

    Anna May x

  • Mike

    Sadly, random hookup games do seem to end up with one of the players either (a) cheating (any Scrabble type game), (b) running away when they get in a slightly uncomfortable position (Backgammon) or (c) stalling, in the hope that their opponent will quit (any turn based game at all).
    I once came across someone who partnered himself at bridge – thought no-one would notice when his play was immaculately bid and played. He made the mistake of using the wrong identity to answer a question…

  • Debbie

    Hi Annamay – everyone knows that everyone uses this…

  • Mike, I do not have enough dastardly in me for this type of competition, I fear.

    Debbie! I wouldn’t! I couldn’t! I might……..thanks.

    Anna May x