Strictly Shimmying

Danni and Vincent did well with their teeny twirls on Saturday night, even if Vincent was looking ever so slightly ‘Where’s Wally’-esque.

Michael was doomed after his plank inspired Samba. He channelled Napoleon Dynamite and Natalie balanced a giant feather duster on her head.  I guess the great British public were just too gobsmacked to puck up the phone and vote.

This Saturday we did some tiling on our kitchen floor and had to get to the kettle by  goose-stepping across the room and staying off the ones with wet adhesive. And then I saw Nicky Byrne doing exactly the same thing in his Argentine Tango.  I like Nicky and really wish he was as good as he thinks he is.

I say this with love and respect for what Lisa has achieved in Strictly this year – she looked like Big Bird in the yellow frock.  It was a jolly enough dance but I don’t think she has enough spring to make it to the finals.

So it seems that a shimmy can help jog a poor memory. At least it worked for James and Denise on Saturday night. He dried up, forgot the routine, and shimmied his way out of bother. Next time I am wondering where my glasses are or why I went upstairs I’ll shimmy, too. It was a classic Strictly moment, panic set to music.

I tried shimmying outside my house tonight when I realised I couldn’t remember where my  keys were at. My husband answered the door and interpreted my moves on the doorstep as an invite for an early night. ……

And who plugged Louis into the mains? His personality bust out on Saturday night in a cheer aloud Charleston.

Wensleydale with Cranberries on an oatcake was this week’s snack choice, but my plate was well out-cheesed by Brucie’s shocking patter.



3 comments to Strictly Shimmying

  • Jan

    Sadly, Lisa has gone off the boil and Louis is my new favourite (but not in the Brucie sense.) And talking of Brucie, I watch Strictly on sky plus and always fast forward his bits. His jokes are much funnier when you can’t hear them.

  • Anna May

    Hi Jan,

    Lisa has done so well but sadly enthusiasm and likeability don’t make up for skills. I’m backing team Kimberlasha.

    Anna May x

  • I do agree about Lisa, which is annoying considering I put a bet on her winning! Maybe she’ll pull something out of the hat tonight (a new joke book for Brucie perhaps?) I don’t have a favourite this year, though I like Louis more after last week’s routine.