Strictly BOGOF

It was buy one get one free night on Strictly. Two dances for the marks of one.

Lisa Reilly’s dress on tonight’s Strictly reminded me of the brushes in a car wash and I am getting fed up of the comments about her ‘personality’ from the judges. They mean her weight.  She shouldn’t lose or gain points because of her dress size.

And where did Louis get those double length arms from? And where has he tucked them in previous weeks? At the beginning of his dance I actually thought he was kneeling down.

Danni is a miniature fishing rod short of being a garden gnome. She is a neat dancer but her steps always seem just short of special.

Nicky grooved but he was more of a (Karen’s) butt carrier tonight. His fusion was all lifts and Woodentop hips. I predict he is going West-life tomorrow.

Kimberlasha to win.

Tonight I enjoyed Manchego with a nectarine and the look on Denise’s face when she realised the glitter ball had been sweetly and stylishly snatched off her by Kimberley.

7 comments to Strictly BOGOF

  • Jan

    I agree. Go team Kimberly! And yes, I spotted the fixed fake grin on Van Outen’s face. Could this be the demise of Denise? By the way Manchego and nectarine sounds like a great combo. Must try it.

  • You were right, and Nicky’s gone. I think Lisa brings bags of personality to her dancing, but her dancing shows no sign of improvement since she wowed us in the first show. I hate Pasha’s haircut so much it is distracting me from admiring Kimberly. I think Dani dances beautifully – and lots more technique in her footwork too. I never really care who wins so long as they can dance.

  • Anna May

    Jan, nectarine and Manchego work really well as a pair but this time of year a single nectarine costs moe than the cheese! And I predict Denise is going to be a very sore loser.

    Hausfrau, I think it was fair that Nicky went and now it’s an interesting final five because they all seem to be there for different reasons. Kimberley has improved so much, Danni has been consistent, Louis hasa great bum, Lisa’s riding the popularity wave and Denise has (notice the past tense) done some great dances. Usually SCD gets a bit predictable by this point in the series but this year it’s open. Hahaha – Pasha’s haircut is…..odd!

    Anna May x

  • I’m afraid I had to laugh meanly at Denise’s obvious ahock. I loved Kimberley’s routine, and agree that Lisa shouldn’t be getting points because of her ‘personality’. Gone right off her, even though I have to root for her because of my bet. How messed up is that?

  • Glenda Willis

    I am getting very bored with SCD this year and find myself fast forwarding everything. I think it has had its run now.

    As an afterthought, maybe it is me. Perhaps it is me who is getting boring.

    G xx

  • Anna May

    Karen, SCD messes with your head.

    Glenda, if you are bored with Strictly you are bored with life……

    Anna May x