Yule Blog

I am off for my Christmas jolly and wish all my visitors a lot of smiles this Christmas and good health and great times in 2013.

See you next year and Mwah! for being my blog besties xxxx

Strictly Ta-Ra for Now

I want a catsuit. Denise wore one on tonight’s Strictly final, and it even made James look good.

Dani would have won if it was Strictly Come Cuteing, but oddly her and Vincent filled their Showdance with several sweaty heft moves. I suspect the amazingdavearchandhisbandsingers drowned out the pair of them grunting as they danced.


Feed the Birds

You can spit porridge a loooong way across a kitchen.

I know this because as I and two of my daughters were sitting eating breakfast this morning my husband strolled into the room and asked me “Have you seen my fat balls?”

He had bought them in Tesco to feed the birds last week and […]

Strictly Chocolate and Giant Jellies

Lisa Reilly said with feeling on tonight’s Strictly that fat women have the right to dance. They do. They do. But they don’t have the right to get to the final of a dancing competition if they aren’t as good as the other contestants. Which is why, although I love Lisa’s fizz, it must be […]

A Sandwich More Travelled

So my husband and I did something we never do last weekend because I’m not a luncher and he’s not a spender – we had lunch in the M&S coffee shop at our local store.

It was all going well until he fetched our tray – bearing a jumbo hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, […]

Cwacking Up

Want to learn to speak Chinese? Start with speaking this translation out loud:

English: That’s not right

Chinese: Sum Ting Wong

And I will be bringing more cwacker jokes soon……





War of Words

My iphone has given me a great Christmas gift in the form of ‘Words with Friends’ , This scrabble game bops back and forth between me and another player. I play with family and friends but my daughter ipinged me up with a playmate randomly selected from cyberspace – this insomniac cheat amazingly good player […]

Strictly BOGOF

It was buy one get one free night on Strictly. Two dances for the marks of one.

Lisa Reilly’s dress on tonight’s Strictly reminded me of the brushes in a car wash and I am getting fed up of the comments about her ‘personality’ from the judges. They mean her weight. She shouldn’t lose or […]

Going Greek


I went granite shopping for a new kitchen worktop yesterday.

The sample you see in the granite shop is only an indicator of the slab that will come to your home, and my granite salesperson was a purist. He insisted that I visit the granite ‘farm’ to see all the actual slabs lined up […]

Strictly Shimmying

Danni and Vincent did well with their teeny twirls on Saturday night, even if Vincent was looking ever so slightly ‘Where’s Wally’-esque.

Michael was doomed after his plank inspired Samba. He channelled Napoleon Dynamite and Natalie balanced a giant feather duster on her head. I guess the great British public were just too gobsmacked to […]