Strictly Sat There!

I was in the audience on Saturday night! And it was bliss. I didn’t want to go home and would cheerily have stayed right there in my chair until the series ends in December. I tried to stage a one fan Strictly sit-in, but I reluctantly left the studio when the security guard lost patience with me and walkie talkied for reinforcements. And I didn’t cry all the way home because it was over….

I can report from the frou-frou front that: Jerry Hall has great gums and feet the length of skis . Claudia Winkleman has a person who appears to be employed soley to standby and ruffle her hair before she faces the camera and that a wheelbarrow and a yard-brush are required for the amount of lip gloss that is applied between takes. And that’s just Craig.

Victoria Pendleton’s nerves as she prepared, off camera,  to dance  sent a tremor of anxiety through the whole room.  Johnny Ball was a sore loser. What a cheek! The man  dummy danced through his first attempt and the dance off. From where I was sitting (second row from the front) he was the dead, as in rigor mortis, cert to leave.

Micheal Vaughan is an early but worthy winner of  the 2012 Strictly Tena Lady Trophy. I am still laughing at his steps when he  jived like a cider loaded Wurzel Gummidge.  Fern Britten was more hot flush than hot. I hope they dress her in sequinned shorts next week to stop her swapping dance moves for skirt swishing.

I’ve got garden gnomes bigger than Vincent Simone and the atmosphere between Tracy Beaker and him is frosty, which could explain why he dumped her on the floor with feeling a couple of times in their routine.

And who the bleedin’ heck is Richard Arnold? And why is he so certain that he is funny and adorable? He wants to be Russell Grant but is more Gary Rhodes. Poor Erin seemed weary of his constant need to for hugs, kisses, squeezes and exchange of meaningful looks.

Tess Daly’s shape reminded me of the sticks that lollipop ladies carry,  she wore a gorgeous floaty dress and needle spike heels.  Brucie is a legend, but forgettable, just like his gags which are laid out on the floor in front of him on giant cue cards.

Lisa Reilly had a lot to live up to this week and she just about managed it, although her Lark Rise to Candleford frock was a shocker. Robin is all bloke and looks like he could throw Lisa and her idential twin (if she had one which she doesn’t) over his shoulders and still run a marathon. Sigh……

It’s the  professional dancers that waltz away with the show. They are athletes in sequins and feathers. And the camera operators who swish like fairies around  the contestants without distracting or colliding with them.  And the wonderfuldavearchandhisband who are so good I was convinced they weren’t there singing live.  The Scissor Sisters blitzed their song and the warm up man made the audience believe we were all in it together. David Cameron should give that bloke a job.

Back here in reality Monday it’s window cleaning day, but I have dipped the cuff of my rubber gloves in glitter to help keep my Saturday night memories alive.




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  • How long does the whole show take to film?

  • Glenda Willis

    Oh Wow Anna, you must have had a whale of a time.

    Re Darcy: I counted the following: Ya x 4, OK x 2, Eh x 1, 5 x none of the afore-mentioned. I think someone must have pulled her up about it. She may even have read your blog.

    I have noticed that when Brucie introduces the wonderfuldavearchandhisband, Dave Archer always has a blank expression on his face. Oh ‘yea’, and I hate the dark purple nail varnish thet Darcy was wearing. Claudia looks very strange these days. I don’t know what she had done but it definitely wasn’t a makeover but more like a muckupover.

    Tess’s dress looked really strange. It was like a black girdle with see through material covering it. However, as it was tooooo tight, it kept getting shorter and shorter and nearly revealed her crutch. Also, the slits in the long see through skirt looked as if she had long ladders in her tights.

    It really is time to TOSS Daly!!! Does Brucie write his own jokes or are they thrust upon him?

    That’s all. xx

  • Julie

    One word – fab-u-lous darling! x

  • Sunday night saw the elimination of Gentleman Johnny Ball. Of the bottom two he was the right one to go – of the celebrities I’m not so sure, but had perhaps better bow to your inside knowledge! In general I think the standard of dancing has gone up again this year: presumably the participants know what’s going to be expected of them and are competitive enough to give it all they’ve got – even Jerry Hall may be trying in her extremely laid back way!
    (But it was the Downton drama that got this household excited. Poor Lady Sybil, the moment she mentioned swollen ankles I was worried; and when Tim Piggot Smith turned up as the baby doctor – an actor I will always associate with Jewel in the Crown where he played a baddie – I feared for her life. And so it was. Poor baby, named Sybil, so that no one can ever mention her again without thinking of her mother.)
    They did a better job than in the past of making Sunday night’s show Sunday… but you have confirmed that it’s still Saturday. Would admit to not really being a fan of any of the presenters… when can Anton take over do you think?

  • Glenda Willis

    Oh No – it has to be Ian Waite – fabulous – he is all mine!!!

  • Jan

    I was hoping you would say that close up the female dancers were spotty and greasy and actually rather fat. No such luck then!

    And boo-hoo-hoo at Downton.

  • Sophie,
    If I told you tht the BBC would have to kill me. Five and a half hours.

    Ginny, you need tickets to see all the action close up. I agree Claudia is very strange, she stamps around muttering at speed with her head down and has the must peculiar chalky flesh coloured lipstick on that with the black eyes gave her the look of an alien.

    Julie, TOTALLY.

    Jan, sorry but they dancers are magnifique. And re:Downton I was OK until Lady Mary and Edith stood by the deathbed and said it was the last time the sisters would all be together in this world……….sob!

    Anna May x

  • You were THERE??? Oh my God, I’m so JEALOUS. Thanks for the fab gossip though, you should wangle a front row seat every week and report back 🙂 I wouldn’t have guessed old Johnny would be a sore loser, and I’ll be craning my neck on Saturday for a glimpse of the giant cue cards.

  • Anna May

    Karen, This week, sat watching from my sofa at home, I was jealous of me, too.

    Anna May x