Strictly ChaChaChaCheese

I predict this year’s Strictly will be the most competitive ever. There’s glamour, and dancing and LOTS of advice from Darcey, ya? Be sure to tune in next week for Darcey’s steer on car insurance and interest rates as well as the ChaChaCha or should that be the YaYaYa?

The standouts for me were Lisa Reilly who went off like a firework, Jerry Hall who looked like Jessica Rabbit’s great grandma. For someone who clearly couldn’t be arsed Jerry sure waggled it plenty.  Victoria Pendleton was wheely bad.

Fern Britton swished her skirts so energetically I wondered if her pubic hair was on fire. And Colin Salmon has nicked John Cleese’s legs. Is that cheating?

The new dancer Karen Hauer got a  proper telling off from Craig for putting a lift in her waltz with Nicky Byrne. He can empty my dishwasher any time, by the way. It was a bit mean of Craig to attack Karen as she must already be feeling bad enough about being Nicole Scherzinger’s ugly sister.

I think Tess Daly’s HND in Caring for the Elderly won’t be enough to get her through this series. She is already looking fatally embarrassed by Brucie and it’s only Week One.

My cheese of choice tonight was Cashel Blue on a water biscuit and Richard Arnold.

One show down and I declare;  I am Anna May and I am a Strictlyaholic.

7 comments to Strictly ChaChaChaCheese

  • Jan

    I love your observations on Strictly which I (nearly) always agree with (didn’t like Jerry Hall’s posing much.) But I love, love, loved Lisa and also Kimberley and Louis. Much better than last year’s mob I thought.

    PS: That is soo funny about Fern Britton.

  • Glenda Willis

    I actually made some notes on Sunday:

    I also found Darcey’s Ya very irritating, If it’s spelt YES then SAY yes.

    Toss Daly really needs a style makeover. Also, she won’t need any toilet paper with that type of dress length (up and front and tapering down at sides to a full lenth sheettt at the back!!

    That’s all for now Anna May as I don’t want to put you out of business. xx

  • Debbie

    Yay! Strictly is back and fabulous as ever!
    Dare I say it but isn’t it time for Brucie to put his feet up and watch Strictly? I am getting a bit bored of all his really cheesy comments.

  • Julie

    I like Fern and her swishy dress but loved Lisa more! she was fab and could really shake her tush. I also loved your article today in the Daily Mail – make me laugh a great deal and want to dance too!

  • Glenda Willis

    Yeh, yay, whatever (with a silent ‘t’) – me too!! xx

    I even missed Holby so as to be able to read the Daily Mail this evening. You have such a way with words.

  • Anna May

    Jan, I love them all, even the ones I don’t like! I am in the Strictly honeymoon period.

    Ginny, poor Tess. Bruce is raining all over her parade. And thank you for ditching Holby tonight for me. I feel special, yah?

    Julie. Fern the Gurn? I want her to be first out.

    Anna May x

  • Bruce, Tess and Darcy are all annoying (we have to mute Tess’s ‘interview’ bits they’re so painful) but otherwise I love it, ya? Particularly Lisa. I reckon she could win.