Rubber Balls and Flowers

I went to a great fun 50th birthday gathering on Saturday night. I was driving but just to be sociable drank my fizzy water from a Madmen-esque champagne glass, like a saucer on a stem, and actually felt tipsy! There’s the power of good design.

At the dinner table each guest had to tell our favourite story about the birthday girl, let’s call her Loretta, and mine makes me laugh so much I thought I’d share it.

Last year Loretta hurt her back so was referred by her GP to the local hospital’s Physiotherapy Department. She got a letter in the post asking her to arrive at the Physiotherapy Pool for her appointment at 3pm. Loretta is a busy city type so turned up from work in a smart suit and heels and was directed to a changing room by the receptionist.

When the Physio arrived to collect Loretta she was taken aback to see her standing  in a floral swimsuit and a swimming hat covered in rubber flowers. She asked Loretta, “Is that what you will be wearing for our session?” Loretta nodded, a little surprised at the question and the Physio raised her eyebrows, shrugged her shoulders and said, “OooooK. Please follow me.”

She led Loretta into a gymnasium where all the other users were  wearing trackie bottoms and tshirts, and there was a lot of whispering and pointing when they saw her dressed for a day at the beach.

Loretta asked the Physio where the pool was.

“What pool?” she wanted to know.

“The one in the appointment letter” Loretta said.

“There is no swimming pool. That meant us, the pool of Physiotherapist here. It means you could get any one of us for your appointment.”

Womanfully, because her back was sore and she wasn’t about to waste an appointment, Loretta did all the moves, including bending over the big rubber exercise ball in her itsy-witsy. What a gal.

Happy 50th Birthday, Loretta!


4 comments to Rubber Balls and Flowers

  • Julie

    this makes me cringe and want to vomit with embarassment.

  • Glenda Willis

    Is the National Health economising so much that they cannot include in the appointent letter details such as ‘wear comfortable clothing such as tracksuit and trainers as you will be excercising in the gym’.

    I suppose Loretta had to wear large sunglasses for the next few months so as to be incognito. Hopefully she has now fully recovered and has no need for physiotherapy and/or psychotherapy (gosh, that was a hard word to spell). xx

  • Glenda Willis

    Oops, I cannot even spell appointment properly. I must need a holiday.

  • sarah davis

    Wow how brave! I could never wear a swim suit in public a great story i wonder if anyone topped it? your friend sounds fantastic
    best wishes Sarahx