Ground Dog Day

So my morning routine goes like this: I wait for my husband to leave the house  before I even sit up in bed. His happiness is not contagious. There could be a Michael-Fish-No-Storm in progress but he would still draw back the bedroom curtains and declare “It’s such a beautiful day!” And then the man sings as he shaves, and plays his tin whistle on the loo.  He can barely swallow his porridge for smiling and then he’s off to greet the world with a hey and ho and weydiddlywayo.

I growl my way downstairs and the first face I encounter is always the dog’s. I tell him to get up so he can have daybreak fun  in the garden, sniffing and weeing and chasing magpies, while I sit and wrestle the urge to get back into bed,

This morning the dog decided to take me on. He wouldn’t get up out of bed when I told him to. With just one eye open, he refused to move. His nose was wet, his one eye was bright and his tail was wagging in a what you going to do about it way. I said “OhOh!”  which was his puppy training phrase for doasyouarebloodytoldandnow, but he pretended not to hear me. I tried a few other strategies which I won’t embarrass myself bore you with and then heard myself saying ‘Pleeeease’ .  To my dog.

This proves I am not of sound mind before toast.

3 comments to Ground Dog Day

  • Glenda Willis

    Oh Anna May, you do crease me up. I am having to wear incontinence knickers when I read your blog/s, xx

  • Julie

    the dog is so clever I would be surprised if he comments on your blog later!

  • Anna May

    Ginny….very sorry about that.

    Julie, or actually write it?

    Anna May x