Strictly Yah-haha and Boo

So Sid Owen got ghostbusted good and proper for not be able to dance very well on Saturday’s Strictly. Sadly Sid’s bottom lip moved faster and better than his legs ever did. He perfected the art of setting a drunken walk home from the pub to music but there are no marks from the judges […]


I went to visit an elderly relative last week and heard the tale of him taking a flight for the very first time. He told me that in the old days’ (the 1980’s) flying was considered a dress up special occasion.

On the big day of travel his suitcase which contained the family holiday money […]

Strictly a Mystery

It was a splat kind of week for Strictly, mostly because I didn’t have tickets to see it live again and relive the best Saturday night out I have ever had.

At least half the performances had no visual clues as to what the theme was, or even what the dance was. All very mysterious. […]

Ground Dog Day

So my morning routine goes like this: I wait for my husband to leave the house before I even sit up in bed. His happiness is not contagious. There could be a Michael-Fish-No-Storm in progress but he would still draw back the bedroom curtains and declare “It’s such a beautiful day!” And then the man […]

Strictly Sat There!

I was in the audience on Saturday night! And it was bliss. I didn’t want to go home and would cheerily have stayed right there in my chair until the series ends in December. I tried to stage a one fan Strictly sit-in, but I reluctantly left the studio when the security guard lost patience […]

Strictly ChaChaChaCheese

I predict this year’s Strictly will be the most competitive ever. There’s glamour, and dancing and LOTS of advice from Darcey, ya? Be sure to tune in next week for Darcey’s steer on car insurance and interest rates as well as the ChaChaCha or should that be the YaYaYa?

The standouts for me were Lisa […]

Missing: One Granny with Attitude

And why wasn’t Shirley MacLaine (playing Martha Levinson) parked on a pew for her granddaughter Lady Edith’s ‘wedding’ this week in Downton?

I cried “No Way! to an empty front room when the THING that was supposed to happen, didn’t (no Sirreeee no spoilers here ) as I watched it solo last Sunday.

I haven’t […]

Free Cars and Tropicana for Students

A garage collected our red Ford KA today. It’s the car my three daughters share but don’t pay for because when you are a student and live at home cars and Tropicana come for free. It has to be repaired because some dork drove straight into the back of it last week.

The garage man […]

Rubber Balls and Flowers

I went to a great fun 50th birthday gathering on Saturday night. I was driving but just to be sociable drank my fizzy water from a Madmen-esque champagne glass, like a saucer on a stem, and actually felt tipsy! There’s the power of good design.

At the dinner table each guest had to tell our […]