Strictly Carrots

I don’t know whether to celebrate or sulk – Strictly is back –¬†but for one week only ūüôĀ

The BBC¬†dangled the sequinned carrot in front of my wet nose, and then they cruelly¬†whipped it away……

Where should I start? Let’s go with Darcy Bussell. In¬†her dance with Ian Waite¬†the camerawork stopped just short of being a colonoscopy. I think I may have spotted a polyp.¬†Darcy is¬†a cross between a young¬†Joyce Grenfell and Madonna and is nowhere near as demure as I expected. She also LOVES being on the telly and I predict she will be good value for licence fee money.

The early¬† standouts for me were Jerry Hall, who I think will be too busy being a beautiful vamp to bother much¬†with dancing. Fern Britton, whose¬†gastric band seems to have made a break for¬†freedom.¬†I don’t know why¬†but Fern’s smile chills me to the bone. Lisa Reilly? Really? Denise Van Outen has the loudest¬†hum of desperation about her and I¬†haven’t a clue¬†who any of the blokes are except Sid Owen who seems more¬† bar room than¬† ballroom.

The professional dancers have a new girl among them, an Addams family escapee called Karen Hauer. She’ll be perfect for the Halloween special.

Having Strictly back was bliss and beyond. even though I am still paring the blubber from my hips using self denial,  so it was carrot sticks and cottage cheese as my accompaniment tonight.


6 comments to Strictly Carrots

  • SO glad you’re back with Strictly, even if we do have to wait for the show proper to start. I’d actually heard of more of the participants than usual – and more of them than usual seem to have done some dancing before even if they were making much of never having done ballroom… Hmm! I wasn’t sure about Darcy dancing: the other judges haven’t had such an introduction. Does she demonstrate anyone can do it?!

  • Glenda Willis

    I’m not so sure that I am going to enjoy this series – it seems to have gone from a ‘ballroom dancing competition’ to ‘how much flesh can I show’.

    Also, without Ian Waite I cannot really justify the viewing time.

    xx G

  • Debbie

    As much as I love Strictly…. the format of showing the pairing off really bores me. There is just way too much emphasis on good looking the professional male dancers are (of course they are!) and how tarted up the professional female dancers are (way too much orange tango). Brucie got it right by saying it’s like speed dating. Rant over!

    Let the dancing begin ūüôā

  • Anna May

    Hello Hausfrau and welcome back. I’m really looking forward to this season of Strictly because I think it’s going to be uber-competitive which always makes things interesting.

    Ginny, I hope you enjoyed Ian Waite dancing with Darcy on Saturday?

    Debbie, sounds like you are down with a case of the Strictly grumps?

    Anna May x

  • Yay! Strictly’s back (almost) and so are your updates. Bliss. I loved the whole shindig, and particularly enjoy scouring the dancers expressions as they wait to see who they’re going to be paired with – praying it won’t be an oldie *chortles meanly* Kristina Rhianoff is the worst at hiding her feelings, bless her.

    Roll on October …

  • *dancers’* Tut.