Shame about Shirley

Hollywood Schmollywood – Shirley Maclaine was a plasticine faced anti-climax on last week’s Downton Abbey. There was a dazed and confused and can’t-be-arsed-air about her performance. I’m going to give her one last chance tomorrow night because of how sassy she was in ‘Terms of Endearment’.

I hope the entire cast has trainers on under their crinolines because they are proper Usain Bolting it through scenes and storylines. At this rate we’ll be up to the present day by mid October.

3 comments to Shame about Shirley

  • Glenda Willis

    Yes and I think that day is nearly here as one of the lines went ‘they’re are not like buses – there won’t be another one along in 10 minutes’. I thought I had misheard it but played it again on catchup and those were the exact words.

    I suppose they are rushing it to get it finished by the time ‘Strictly’ starts.

  • Glenda Willis

    omit the ‘are’ after ‘they’re’. I get all excited when I hear the word ‘Strictly’ then I calm down remembering that Ian Waite won’t be in it again this year!!

  • Ginny, I heard them say that about the buses and it gace me a giggle! Still love Downton, though. Maybe Ian Waite could have a part?

    Anna May x