Zumba Buzzzzzzzzzzzz

Week 12 at Zumba classes and still I have to watch the instructor like a hawk so I don’t get my legs plaited or my whole self left behind when the rest of the class set off across the room salsa-ing to the left or to the right.

Last week my concentration drifted in the middle of ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ and I  collided with the other Zumbans  who were busy boogeying back from a part of the room I never actually got to in the first place.

I had company  today – a bluebottle the size of a grape who was Zumba-ing alongside my right ear for the entire hour of the class

I ducked and dodged  and tried to swat and slice the fly with my arms or capture him in a clap as I did my steps. When that didn’t work I attempted to head it out of my way and into the space around a fellow citizen of planet Zumba.

At the end of the class the instuctor said with a  note of  genuine amazement in her voice, “I think I saw an improvement today.  You were moving much better and faster. Well done Anna May!”

5 comments to Zumba Buzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Julie

    Zumba sounds so hard with all that leaping about.I so hate things buzzing about my head in case I swallow the pest!

  • Ginny Willis

    Oh Anna and Julie, you crease me up – and I have a lot of creases!!! xx

  • Oh I LOVE Zumba and went to a class with my daughter for a while last year, but half-way through we got a new teacher who was far too fancy with the footwork and hip swizzles, and we couldn’t keep up any longer. Bluebottle-swatting would have been preferable!

  • Julie, Zumba is EXTREME.

    Ginny, you have creases? You need Zumba!

    Karen, when my teacher gets too advanced and goes off on one leaving me stranded I just sashay around saying “Arriba!” from the corner of my mouth. Don’t really know why.

    Anna May x

  • I used to freestyle a bit, but my daughter couldn’t live with the embarrassment.