Tweetie Pie and David Cassidy

I am tennis delirious at the moment. Even Sue Barker wearing tweety pie yellow yesterday, with matching skin and hair,  couldn’t make me turn the telly off.

Novak Djokovic plays like a ballet trained hip hop dancer with a racquet who but he has just been demolished by the stately Roger Federer, so nothing makes sense.

I’ve decided I do want Andy Murray to reach and win the Final even though he is a proper miserable git. His mum deserves it. The media slates her all the time for being pushy, but if it was Mr Murray always sat there in her place suffering the agony and the ecstasy of every match? He’d be hailed as Superdad.

The biggest shocker of this year’s tournament is that John McEnroe has got  apricot hair. A dollop of hair dye on a bloke is an instant passion killer for me. But there is something even worse….a fella with a perm.

When I hit the dating scene in the seventies the college hearthrob, a David Cassidy lookey likey,  asked me on a date. I was so excited I got diarrhoea.

On the night when he called to pick me up I was horrified to see he was sporting a Kevin Keegan style perm.  I blurted “Sorry, I’m not in!” shut the door in his hunky face and went to bed where I cried myself to sleep at the missed forever opportunity to snog a Partridge.

You’ll be happy to know that for being such a moo cow to him I have since been stood up, dumped and insulted many times. In fact, I think Karma took it a little too far at times…..


6 comments to Tweetie Pie and David Cassidy

  • Ginny Willis

    Didn’t watch the tennis but I am so pleased you rejected the Partridge and chose the man you have now – he is the tops. xx

  • sarah davis

    My sister had a big crush on David Cassidy growing up in the 1970’s she also liked Des O’connor and once asked my mum whether she could write and ask Des to tea of course he never wrote back! i am ashamed to admitt i liked the Osmond’s ( cannot remembwe which one ! )
    Sarah x

  • I went on a blind date with a man with a perm in the seventies, and he confessed in the cinema that we still wet the bed. I didn’t see him again.

    I watched the men’s tennis final for the first time ever, and quite like Andy Murray now.

  • *HE* still wet the bed, not *we*. Jesus.

  • Ginny, AGREED.

    Sarah, spread betting with The Osmonds, wise move!

    Karen, I am all gooey over crying Andy Cranky now, too.
    And I can’t stop laughing at your ‘we’ wee story. Classic.

    Anna May x

  • Karen, I am STILL laughing!

    Anna May x