Blogging Off for Summer

Woohoo it’s holiday time! And by holiday I mean not that we are going anywhere super duper, but that my teacher husband has finished school for summer. This means that life goes all soft and floppy for six weeks. No ironed shirts, early nights or packed lunches required.

Our dog knows when it is holiday […]

One E L of a Bestseller

I haven’t read ‘Fifty Shades of Wey Hey!’ and have no plans to. This would be because I am insanely jealous that E L James has sold 10 million plus copies of her laydeeee spank and wank story, and that I didn’t think of the idea first.

My favourite joke of the week is about […]

Zumba Buzzzzzzzzzzzz

Week 12 at Zumba classes and still I have to watch the instructor like a hawk so I don’t get my legs plaited or my whole self left behind when the rest of the class set off across the room salsa-ing to the left or to the right.

Last week my concentration drifted in the […]

Tweetie Pie and David Cassidy

I am tennis delirious at the moment. Even Sue Barker wearing tweety pie yellow yesterday, with matching skin and hair, couldn’t make me turn the telly off.

Novak Djokovic plays like a ballet trained hip hop dancer with a racquet who but he has just been demolished by the stately Roger Federer, so nothing makes […]