The Strong Arm of the Librarian

I read in the paper that Callmedave and Sam Cam  left their 9 year old daughter Nancy behind when they headed home after Sunday lunch in a pub.

It reminded me of the time I took my precious first born son Robert out in his silver cross pram (it was the size of a Ford KA and better sprung) to the library.

This was an outing tinged by madness because he was six weeks old and couldn’t read. I was knackered, my episiotomy hadn’t healed and I  was so hormone-wild that I wouldn’t have known whether to read the text in a book left to right or right to left.  That very morning I had put a dirty nappy in the fridge and the butter in the bin.

I left the library bookless and meandered home. When I got there my husband asked me “Where’s Robert?”  “Who’s Robert?” was my reply.

It took less than a second before I Usain Bolt-ed  back to the Library where I found my son laying along one arm of the Librarian, she was calmly stamping books with the other.



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  • sarah davis

    I went to the ideal home exhibiton with a group from work when my daughter was about 10 months old. It was very hot so we stopped lots of times for refreshments. After a lovely cup of Earl Grey we strolled along happily then one of my friends said ‘where is the baby! ‘ we dashed back and Rachel was sleeping peacefully in her pushchair!
    A few years later Rachel who was by this time about 6 went on a visit to the millennium dome in 2000 with the school. Anyhow the parent that was keeping an eye out on her and around 6 other children managed to lose her. The whole school went into a panic. I am happy to say she was perfectly safe she had managed to make her way to the lost children’s area and report herself as missing!

    best wishes Sarah

  • Ginny Willis

    I can remember that pram when I bumped into you in M&S so many years ago when Robert was a baby.

    I can also remember a few weeks ago when your daughter was waiting for you outside St Georges’ in the pouring rain!!

    We should be on commision for all the plus we are giving to these commercial companies. xx

  • Anna May

    Sarah, good job it wasn’t the Ideal Mother exhibition! And respect to Rachel who checked herself into the Lost Kids Area. I do feel sorry for the poor minder who must have gone into meltdown when she realised she’d lost her….

    Ginny, that wasn’t a pram – it was a city on wheels!

  • I tried to lose mine on several occasions, but twin boys in a buggy and their grumpy sister attracted too much attention. (I’m kidding, kids!)

    We’ve had mums leave their children in the library and expect us to keep an eye on them for a couple of hours.

  • Diddy

    the suspension on those old prams was class

  • Julie

    what a a funny blog – I guess sleep deprivation makes you forget your own name, let alone your offspring! I can’t believe that David Cameron’s security team didn’t do a headcount outside the pub – seems like basic stuff really.

  • I once lost one of mine (can’t remember which one – it’s all merged into one hellish nightmare) in B&Q. I was getting very close to panic stations running up and down aisles but kept going back to the location I’d last seen him – going inside one of their display conservatories. The conservatory was mounted up against the side wall of the building. Eventually in desperation I tried a handle on what looked a mock door against the wall and to my surprise it opened – it was a partition wall with a about a foot gap behind it full of debris etc – and there he was. I was not a happy bunny as you can imagine!