Rise and Shine

I was on early morning TV  last week.  I am not an early morning person. When the make up girl saw me she stfiled a shriek and instead chirped “I love a challenge!”

She really put her back into it,  layering foundation onto my shiny face (that’s why it looked so large, by the way) and pulling  a backcomb and pat move on my hair that completed my Alice Cooper gone grey look.

Back home I bumped into a couple from my Church. Lets call them  Mr and Mrs Pew.  Mrs Pew couldn’t wait to tell me she’d seen me on TV. Mr Pew seconded that with “We did.”

I smiled and said “You did?” There was an awkward silence that should have been filled with an insincere comment about how totally brilliant I was and how natural my hair and make up had looked.

Instead Mrs Pew said “Yes and we got to thinking how the calibre of guests has gone right down since the programme moved to Manchester.”



7 comments to Rise and Shine

  • Ginny Willis

    Tell Mr & Mrs Pew from me that they should try and get on to TV – they would be turned down immediately with what they have to say.

    Let’s face it – YOU ARE THE GREATEST – and that is why you keep getting asked to appear on television and not them.

    Go tell ’em from me.


  • Mrs Pew should be rechristened Mrs Mew for that catty remark. (Hisssss.)

  • Anna May

    Ginny, if I had a fan club I would make you President in Chief and pay you zillions of pounds for your good services.

    Hahaha Persephone! I enjoyed that.

    Anna May x

  • Julie

    they’re so not nice! I thought you did a great job and for 6.30am, looked fresh faced and articulate.

  • Oh dear – talk about crashing back down to earth. I had no idea 6.30am still existed now my children have all left school, otherwise I’d have tuned in.

  • Sorry to have missed that, Anna. I haven’t watched morning TV for years but come to think of it I’ve hardly watched TV for years….probably because I don’t have ownership of the remote control:)

  • Jan

    Oh, I would like to have seen that. You on TV i mean, not you being insulted by The Pews.