A Spiritualist appeared in court in Wales this week because he persuaded a female client that, in order to get closer to the spirits, she would need to remove her clothing during their consultation.

In a session with another vulnerable client, after attempting and failing to channel her deceased Father, the psychic advised that in order to help him get in touch with her Dad the woman would have to allow him to touch her body with his mouth.

Pity the spirits didn’t give that bloke a kick in his crystal balls.



5 comments to Psy-sick

  • sarah davis

    for me to take off my clothers for a psychic i would to be under the influence of the spirits for example GIN
    have a good weekend
    Sarah x

  • sarah davis

    typo! what i meant in my post above, is to take my clothes off i would need to be under the influence of the spirits ( i.e the spirit of GIN )

  • Jan

    I once knew a very creepy man who liked to heal women at parties by placing his hands on their Chakra…don’t ask.

  • Ginny Willis

    If you are that way inclined, try the following website:

  • Anna May

    I agree Sarah! How could anyone be THAT persuasive?

    Jan, just the one chakra, was it?

    Ginny, well researched.

    Anna May x