Bang Bang You’re Booked

I got a penalty charge notice in the post today for parking in a taxi rank. I have an alibi – I was at home fast forwarding through ‘Mad Men’ at the time. The misdeamenour occurred when daughter number one went to pick up daughter number two from the station in my car and didn’t realise the rank was a no-go zone.

My student-in-a-car-sad-story is nothing compared to what happened to Welsh undergraduate Nima Hosseini Razi. He drove to London in his Dad’s ford Mondeo for a short break after his exams.

The car broken down close to the Houses of Parliament and he walked off to get some help. Whilst he was gone the police found the car and considered it a security threat, so they blew it up in a controlled explosion.

The blast removed the back of Razi’s car but left the windscreen intact, and that’s where the parking warden put the penalty charge notice.

Imagine the conversation when Razi called home and his Dad asked if he was having a nice time in London…..





5 comments to Bang Bang You’re Booked

  • Ginny Willis

    Are you going to ‘book’ daughter number one and daughter number two?

    Your fans are eagerly awaiting your next novel. xx

    ps: would they like a contribution to their fine?

  • Oops! Would love to have been a fly on the wall to hear that story. ‘Er, Dad …’

  • Julie

    I think it was a bit daft to leave the car outside the Houses of Parliament to go and get help ad not suprising it was blown up. Not sympathetic at all. glad he wasn’t it in though.

  • Anna May

    Ginny, negotiations about who is going to pay have entered their third day…….

    Fran, I bet his Dad loved that Mondeo, too.

    Julie and Diddy, the guy was a visitor to London, have a bit of sympathy could you?

    Anna May x