Yellow and Orange and Itching

This weekend:

I heard on the radio  that if you feed a canary red pepper it will turn orange. This could be big and very good news for the cast of The Only Way is Essex.

I saw Hannah on The Voice last night. The poor girl  did some gruesome bumping and grinding as she sangalongaknickeritch.

I read about the world’s biggest dog who is 52 inches tall and weighs 245 pounds. I reckon he might just fit into one of those gi-normous handbags that Victoria Beckham totes around.



2 comments to Yellow and Orange and Itching

  • sarah davis

    red peppers are cleary very big in Essex. I have always wondered what Mrs Beckham carries around in her handbag ( now i know)
    although big handbags are so last year – now a small infant carried on your hip is literally hip!
    I have never watched the voice
    have a good week x

  • You are so right Sarah, Harper is her new accessory! v v sweet baby though, isn’t she?

    Anna May x