Stone Me Times Three

The good news I that I have lost three stone and have to buy new clothes because my old ones don’t fit. The bad news is that I am still fat and am still not able to enjoy cheese with gay abandon. Which brings me to a joke my friend e-mailed me today…..

How do you approach a scary Welsh cheese? Caerphilly.


9 comments to Stone Me Times Three

  • Julie

    well done to you – that’s amazing and time for a new wardrobe of clothes. I love your joke too – very funny.

  • Ginny Willis

    Fantastic news Anna-May – wish I could match that fantastic weight loss. You must be very strong willed. xx

    Oh yes, and I laughed at your joke also!

  • Jan

    Fantastic weight loss – well done. And yes, I loved the cheesy joke too.

  • sarah davis

    wow well done and enjoy buying some new clothers ( but no cheese)

  • Julie I thought the joke was a bit cheesy, actually.

    Ginny,I think you lose weight with your head not your belly.

    Jan, fantastic but not enough yet….

    Anna May x
    Sarah I love shopping so there’s a treat I can’t eat I suppose.

  • Oh well done, Anna:) I struggle with my weight so I know hard it’s probably been to achieve that weight loss. I’m about to start round two of my next weight battle – having lost a similar amount I broke my toe badly stopped exercising, got lazy and piled most of it back on again. Ugh. I am probably doomed to a life of gerbil food and bracing country strolls….

  • Anna May

    Hi Jane,

    Oddly it’s not been too hard other than having to conquer a lifelong addiction to chocolate. But now my body is a temple and I am the dome! Good luck with your efforts.

    Anna May x

  • Diddy

    chocolate and cheese are a good combo

  • I’ve got another one. What cheese do you use to hide a horse? Marscapone.

    I’ll get my coat …

    )Congratulations on the weight loss, that’s a brilliant acheivement.)