I dropped a tissue onto the stair carpet yesterday and my youngest daughter panic-screamed from her bedroom, “BE QUIET!”

My husband and I are communicating by email or text even though we are sat on the same sofa,  the dog is wearing a gag and I am rendezvous-ing with our postman on the street corner to fetch home the mail and stop the letterbox clanging.

It is the week of her final exams at university and I am very proud of how hard she is working and how dedicated  she is –  but daren’t say so out loud which is why I am saying it here.


7 comments to Ssssssh!

  • Ginny Willis

    I can only imagine the tension in your house right now.

    With two very intelligent parents and three very intelligent siblings she will have no worries
    – not forgetting her very intelligent aunty also.

    Hope the tension subsides very soon.

    Love to you all, G x

  • Jan

    (whispers) It will be worth it in the end. Good luck to your youngest.

  • Julie

    so no talking, slurping, eating, f**ting, laughing or snoring in your house at the mo! It’ll all be worth it. Let’s hope the clicking of your keyboard doesn’t distract her. Must be like you’ll all in at a monastric retreat. Are you watching the TV with the sound down too?

  • In that case I’ll just whisper ‘good luck’!

  • sarah davis

    I wish your daughter good luck ( i find exams very hard)
    Next week you can throw a noisy party!
    best wishes Sarah x

  • Ginny, thank you for thinking she is from intelligent stock. I wish you were right!

    Thank you in sign language to you Jan, Karen and Sarah.

    Julie yes, watching subtitled TV and radio with no sound, too……

    Anna May x

  • Not related to this. But have just finished reading 'me and mine' whilst on holiday and it felt like my story - except, most fortunately the cancer part. I grew up in Fulham with parents from Kerry and Clare and went to The Sacred Heart in Hammersmith bet

    Reading about sr bunbury!!! Come to the school reunion in September